New Year's Celebrations at Shah Abdul Latif University
World Food Day Rally at Khairpur Mirs
Group Photo at Amun Mela
Solidarity with Kashmir
Police Shuhda Day
International Women Day

Vision & Mission


A well educated & prosperous society


To          empower            the         marginalized     communities    through building their capacities and aligned them with state organs and nation building institutes. Hence, they can contribute in social, political and cultural landscape in eco-friendly environment.


  • To educate and capacitate to marginalized communities for livelihood,  basic education
  • To  work for  creating employment opportunities for  marginalized communities
  • To strive for democratic culture and good governance through various initiatives   
  • To create awareness among people of Sindh regarding environment and climate change.
  • To ensure the participation of women in all development activities and introducing the tools and methods for economic wellbeing of women.
  • To highlight indigenous culture through traditional celebrations and relevant cultural activities aiming to educate people for change
  • Support communities for better health services by engaging Public and private organizations