Peace Festival 2011
Children performance during Peace Festival 2011.
Date Festival 2016
Stall view of BSWA during Date Festival 2016 at Khairpur Mirs, Sindh.
Summer Camp
Children watching interactive videos during summer camp at SEF School, Ripri.

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  • To educate and capacitate to marginalized communities for their legal and basic human rights.
  • To develop support mechanisms with District and local government for initiating and streamlining community development programs.
  • To take efforts to harmonize public and private institutions to provide effective education at various levels.
  • To create awareness among peoples of Sindh regarding environment and climate change.
  • To ensure the participation of women in all development activities and introduce the tools and methods for economic well being of women.
  • To capacitate farmers to use sustainable agriculture techniques.
  • To sensitize communities on sustainable development and social, economic, ecological and cultural effect of mega project on human life and their livelihood.
  • To highlight indigenous culture through traditional celebrations and relevant cultural activities aiming to educate people for change.

 Areas of Intervention

  • Advocacy & networking for solving the social issues/ problems of the area
  • Health Care (Mother and Child)
  • Women Development/ Gender Development
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Girl’s Education
  • Disaster management
  • Cooperate with national and international development organizations for poverty alleviation and sustainable development
  • ·     Social mobilization and networking about peace and harmony in the area

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